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So About This Mod...

This section shall serve as a FAQ. Ask me questions often enough and they'll probably show up here.

Q: So, what the hell is this "Stunts" you speak of, anyway?

A: Well, it's a mod I made for Battlefield 1942, obviously. In the days before the 1.4 patch, with the correct mix of server settings, teammates were able to launch each other incredible distances by using the explosives the engineer class carries around to provide a nice explosive boost. Jeeps flew particularly well. With the 1.4 patch came some changes to the friendly fire code that removed this capability from the default game.

So, a little before Christmas of 2003, I created the mod. Mostly because I wanted to bring some of that back to the current versions of the game. That, and I was bored. Very bored. On Decmber 19th, I released the first versions (yes, multiple releases in one day, I had to fix a couple things) upon the crowd of people that inhabit the Shacknews comments system. It was recieved well, I think. Otherwise I might not have kept releasing new versions.

Q: Ok, but what's the point again?

A: Simple. To goof off and have fun. There are no real goals. Spawn as an engineer. See how far you can launch a Wespe on Bocage. Can you hit the destroyer on Omaha Beach with a Jeep? VTOL with a B17 on Market Garden? Use teamwork and LOTS of explosives for best results. The whole mod is an excuse for cheap laughs and funny screenshots.

Q: So, I'm a server operator and have the mod installed, what server settings should I use?

A: It is ESSENTIAL that you have friendly fire turned ON at 100% for the mod to work properly. You probably shouldn't punish team killing either, and kickback on team damage kinda sucks too, for what should be obvious reasons. Other than that is up to you, but I'd recommend leaving ticket values alone and leaving the game mode on Conquest. Also, leave Coral Sea out of the map rotation, the mod does not support it, as there's nothing to launch.

Q: Why don't the mines do anything?

A: It's for the best. There are people who seem to like runing the efforts of others by sticking a landmine in the path of victory, so to speak. I have made the landmines do little more than go *poof* as a result. This is not likely to change, sorry.

Q: But couldn't the mines be modified in a way similar to the detpacks?

A: Yes, and this may happen sometime in the future. But there are some annoying technical problems with this I have to resolve first. So for now, you get landmines manufactured by Nerf.

Q: I can't run out of detpacks, what gives?

A: This is by design. You can't run out of ammo at all, except in the vehicles (and even that may change). This is so you don't have to drag an APC everywhere you go to to keep stocked on ammo and health. This way, as long as there's an APC on the map at all, you'll keep recieving ammo and health.

Q: But I can't blow up my detpacks!

A: Press your alternate fire button. It's mapped to your right mouse button by default.

Q: How many detpacks can I put down at a time?

A: Nine (9). After that they start to disappear. I'm working on finding a way to increase this number.

Q: Can Stunts cure cancer?

A: Sorry, I only do the Jesus thing on days ending in Q.

Q: I wanna launch some boats! Can I do that?

A: Sure. Beach a landing craft or, if you're playing on Philippines, a PT boat. Place a bunch of detpacks under it and go to town (or the moon). I'm working on ways to make the larger boats launchable as well. Keep an eye out in future releases. UPDATE: Large boat launching is now possible (theoretically). I guarantee nothing at this time, however, and am continuing to look for a workaround.

Q: Can you add X silly feature?

A: That depends on a few factors. First, my modding experience is rather limited, so if your request is beyond my capabilities or I'm feeling lazy, the answer is most likely no. Second, if it's not possible to implement in the game (like tweaking hardcoded values), I'm also gonna say no to that. Third, if I don't like the idea, I'm not going to put the effort into scripting it in. Example of a bad idea: "hot pink tanks and jeeps." Good idea: "fake sponsor logos on the jeeps." Neither of those I will implement, however, because I lack the needed artistic skills. If someone else does the artistic work and converts them into a usuable format for the mod, AND I like it, I'll look into implementing it.

Okay, maybe a little pink.

Q: Anything else that I should know?

A: Yes. Using Teamspeak (or other voicecomm sofware) along with this mod makes stuff MUCH easier to coordinate among several people. It also provides for much potential comedy. Give it a shot, even if you don't have a microphone.

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