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New address and new a new version! April 24, 2005

Been a while, eh?

Anyway, it seems there's actually been a bit of demand for this thing, so I decided to put a bit of polish on the mod and call it a new verison.

All that's been changed is that the map rotation bug has finally been fixed and there's now a .zip file version for Mac OSX clients and Linux servers. There was another small change I had planned, but it was causing issues, so I've scrapped it for the time being until I'm feeling masochistic enough to fix it.

You can find the new version on the downloads page.

Also, I you may have noticed that the link to the video on the media page is dead. It's been taken down until I get around to making one that doesn't suck so much. I'm sure you'll live.


Holy Crap! March 24, 2004

I whipped up a version of Stunts for Battlefield: Vietnam! Grab it from the download page. I'll try to get some screenshots soon.

Be warned, it's woefully incomplete. I still have a lot of tweaking to do, but it works, mostly. READ THE README.


I did it again... February 10, 2004

Yep, another new version!

New in 0.2d:

* Repair packs should no longer run out of juice.

* Expacks should replenish faster now.

* Flak/AA explosions should toss planes around now.

* SHEEP PORN! Err, all jeeps and jeep-like vehicles now have horns on every map.

As usual, head to the downloads page to get the new version.


Visual Stimulation! February 7, 2004

A few more screenshots have been added to the Media page. Thanks, TroZ!


How's the weather up there? January 31, 2004

Hot on the heels of the 1.6 patch for Battlefield 1942 comes a new version of Stunts!

New in 0.2c:

* Updated to work correctly (I hope) with BF1942 version 1.6 and added support for the new map (Liberation of Caen). Let me know if there are any blatant issues I've missed.

* Made a small change to the expacks. Try holding down the button after you've dropped one. :)

* Changed scoring around a bit to mitigate damage to player stats. Killing teammates no longer results in negative score values, although killing opposing team members and capturing objectives doesn't give you any points, either. Kills are still counted as kills and deaths are still counted as deaths, however. I'm looking into fixing things so that you'll always have a 0-0-0 score no matter what, but I think this is the best I'll be able to do.

* Still looking into large boat launching. Perhaps if you can get one far enough up on land...

Head to the downloads page to get the new version!

1.6 Update! January 30, 2004

Well, the 1.6 patch for Battlefield is out and it looks like it broke a good chunk of the mod. I'll work on fixing it and and adding support for the new map, but be patient, it may take a while depending on what and how much was changed.

News and Whatnot... January 19, 2004

Hey look, it's a website! Neat. There's even content, sort of. Give it a look.

Current version is 0.2b, and a download link is in the downloads page. Imagine that.

Progress: I've fixed scoring (so there isn't any, other than deaths) for the next version, and now I'm gonna look into making the big boats launchable. We'll see how well that works out.

Oh, and give a big thanks to jcterminal for the webdesign work!

Thanks, jcterminal!


No, thank YOU for making a mod that keeps getting funnier every time I play it. -jc

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